About Me

I am a self-taught artist who from the age of seven, as far as I can remember, has enjoyed drawing, painting and designing. This included the usual drawing, painting and even many hours designing clothes for my dolls.

Over the years my artistic flair has developed in a great variety of ways. This has included traditional painting in water colours and acrylics, together with painting on a variety textiles materials and cakes. I have however also done work on floral designs using silk and real flowers for wedding bouquets and corsages.

Much of my favourite work has been on textiles which has included, wedding dresses, evening wear and accessories, and also home interior textiles.

I have enjoyed painting a very wide variety of subjects including, illustrating for brochures, portraits, landscapes and gardens.

Most recently I have learnt the art of making jewellery using, beads, feathers and a wide variety of other accessories. The majority of these items are for fascinators amd hair ornaments.

You will see from the above that my artistic flair has taken many avenues, and I get the greatest pleasure from seeing the smile on my client’s faces.

Thank you,

Cheryl Moore